We are Zpparel, and our goal is to allow artists to turn their art into merch for free! We are based in Atlanta, GA, although we ship worldwide. Contact us at [email protected], or any of the Instagrams below!

Our team consists of:
Vincent, @vinzhu07, and Adit, @adsachde , Co-Founders, and Ian, @_ian_yang_is_the_bomb.gov_, our lead designer!


You may notice that there is no place on here to purchase clothing. You can purcase at our RedBubble or DM either one of us on Instagram, @zpparel, or our our official account @zpparel to purchase. We accept both Venmo and Paypal.


If you are an artist looking to sell your merch, look no further and contact us!
Want to be an ambassador? Ambassadors get promo codes which give discounts to all users, and ambassadors whose codes are used the most will get free merch in return!

All profits our business makes after covering costs of production will be donated to charity!